We supply marketing concepts

  • Distribute the Kitty Kasas in the whole of Europe for Pet industry 
  • Customized incentives for the B to B and Pet industry 
  • Sourcing products and producing products with audit manufactories some examples

Van Es trading Company is specialized in thinking out of the box in matters of marketing/advertisement concepts and producing customized premiums.

Coming up with concepts and products is a fun thing to do, but to actual realizing it is even better. That’s way we work wit several compliance and audit factories in Europe and the far East. 

Inventing new marketing and product ideas is absolutely a very strong point of us, you could also hire us just to have a brainstorm session. 

What we can’t resist is to scan the Globe for good products and opportunities.      

Sometimes we get very lucky, we found the Kitty Kasas and are now the importer for the whole of Europe and serving the pet industry and shops.

Please feel free to contact us, we are

looking forward hearing from you. 

Best regards,

Diederick van Es


Galjootstraat 16

1086VE Amsterdam 

The Netherlands 

Phone: +31 6 40808475

Email: diederick@vanestrading.com

Chamber of commerce nr 66415853

VAT NR  NL1814.62.564.B01